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Manufacturer of Radiator Cleaning Machine

Manufacturer of Radiator Cleaning Machine

As a manufacturer of Radiator Cleaning Machine, we provide the best service that produces the best quality solution for your vehicles with particulate filter Dpf problems with technical equipment and expert staff equipped with the latest technology in Istanbul. In order to serve you better, we follow the developing technology closely and at the same time, we are constantly improving ourselves. Our service has been helping to solve the clogging problems of many vehicles such as particle filter since 2010 in Istanbul as particle cleaning filter cleaning.

  • Guaranteed and quality service understanding,
  • Professional and precise expert staff,
  • There are thousands of references,
  • 24/7 customer support and hotline.

The particle filter warning, warning and lamp are on in the vehicle that comes to our company and the system values ​​are read first by computerized fault detection in the vehicle, which is considered to have a problem in the particle filter. Since the particle filter works with many systems, the amount of soot is determined after the operation of the parts such as the connected temperature, turbo and injector is checked by our electronic and mechanical masters. Cleaning process is started according to the amount of the institution.